the cube

spring 2010/4th yer architecture/group

To design and build a small cabin (150 square feet) for families and individuals to rent out during camping season at the Scenic Park Camp Grounds in South Sioux City, Nebraska within the given budget of $30,000 and time restraint of 4 months (a full semester).

-160 square feet of habitable space
-Four to six people must sleep comfortably in the cabin
-Space for storing items
-Space for cooking and dining

The Cube was about adapting to its surroundings by creating moveable components for flexibility. We also took the geode, the state rock of Iowa to create a certain look to the cabin. The Cube is covered with rusted metal panels to create Corten. This is to create a rough surface. As someone unlocks the cabin and rotates the handle to move the big wall, a doorway will appear. As you walk in, you are surprisingly taken by the magnificent interior space with the wooden slats neatly aligned throughout the walls and the beds organic shape is amusing to see. It becomes more experiential when you experience sitting and lying in the bed, or even on the loft. We have added a moveable wall, operable skylight, window, and roof. The cabin is about experiencing and wondering yet you still get the whole camping experience of making memories.

concept plan

The design-build studio consisted of 21 students in different design majors such as architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. We all divided up into groups and then dispersed different tasks to finish by a certain time so that we could start the prefabrication process of the cabin. The cabin was about 95% prefabricated in our design studio at Iowa State University. My task was to design and build the wall components or structure of the cabin so that all of our components can operate smoothly. In order to get everything done correctly, I talked to every group about all of their components to make sure their designs will fit perfectly.

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construction stages:

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construction pictures:

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final results:


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