old north st. louis community center

fall 2009/4th year architecture/individual

The Old North St. Louis Community Arts Collaborative (ONSL-CAC) seeks proposals from qualified architects for the pre-design of a community arts center and organization headquarters to be located in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri.

-Live/work spaces to be leased to four local artists at below-market rates
-Workshop spaces for individual and collective work production and teaching.
-Office spaces for ONSL-CAC staff
-A new location for the Urban Studio, a local internet café focused on social entrepreneurship
-Exhibition space
-Retail space for the sale of work produced in the Center
-Space for community meetings
-Space for the North City Farmers Market
-Parking for the Center, incoming Crown Square, and loading docks

The concept for the Old North St. Louis Community Center was simple; maximize green space on the site. This was achieved by integrating the landscape with the structure throughout the design process in order to take advantage of the available green space. The landscape begins at the pergola on the parking lot and gradually spreads throughout the site, encompassing the building. The site becomes a space that is functional yet embraces nature.



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