boone speedway

1summer 2010/5th year architecture/group

The Boone Speedway is located just south of Boone, Iowa. It is a quarter-mile dirt track. It has hosted weekend racing for over 40 years. The Boone Speedway also hosts the annual IMCA Super Nationals every September and draws fans and racers from throughout the country.

Assuming that IMCA has negotiated a new television contract to broadcast the Super Nationals each year. Based on advertising revenue and greater publicity, the Boone Speedway has an opportunity to double its current spectator capacity of roughly 2,500. Sponsorships from automotive companies have funded improvements to the pits, on the north and east sides of the track and the track owners are interested in organizing the existing camping areas.

-To increase spectator seating to 5,000 to 6,000.
-To increase spectator facilities: food and concession stands, restrooms, shaded outdoor dining areas for 300 and one indoor exhibition for automobile displays.
-To increase press facilities for 25 journalists.
-To increase parking: 20 stalls on hard surface, one secured lot for press and VIP parking, one unsecured lot for paid parking of 100 stalls on hard surface, and grass parking for 1,000-2,000 cars.
-To increase pit area space, suitable for 300 teams to unload and maneuver.
-To increase administration space: permanent offices and clerical space for staff of 10.

The existing landscape is being shaped to create architectural elements. The existing spectator seating of 2500 is provided by the two grandstands at the southern and northern ends of the dirt track. By shaping the landscape in the form of berms on the west and east ends of the track, more seating (about 2500 on each end) is created. The seats would consist of concrete walls set in the earth berm with grass pathways between each row of seating to create terraces. The movement from inside to outside creates spaces for different functions and allows multiple seating possibilities. The fluid landscaped forms are broken down by the rigid structures. The grandstands and steel framed canopy on the west berm are the strong and rigid architectural features that are interspersed among the irregular and changing land-forms.




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